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Testing Java or .NET Engine With Your Own Template & Data Source


Sometimes you may want to test your engine to ensure that it is working properly. Regardless of the reason, the specific details of the procedure are outlined below.


To test your engine, follow the steps in this section.  


This directory is created when you install the Windward Engine and a sample template and datasource is provided.  However, you may also copy your own template and data source into the directory to test with:


For Java = C:\Users\(localuser)\Documents\Windward Java Engine Test

For .NET= C:\Users\(localuser)\Documents\Windward .NET Engine Test


1- Use a text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, etc.) to open run.bat located in the directory you select above. Locate the below text:


RunReport.exe templateName.docx output.pdf -json:Data dataSource.json -launch


2- Replace the “templatename” with your actual template’s name (sample.docx).


3- Replace the .pdf extension on the ouput.pdf keyword to the desired output (docx, pdf, xlsx, etc.).


4- On the –json:Data; keyword,  change –json to your desired datasource type and update Data to the data source named within the template (Select any tag and hover over it. The name of the datasource it is associated with will appear at the end of the selection).


5- Change dataSource.json to your datasource name and type.


6- SAVE your changes.


Now, exit the file and go back to the folder where run.bat is located. Double click it run.bat. This will run the report.


Note: if you are outputting your report to PDF, please be sure all PDF documents are closed before running.




Written by: Luis Hernandez/Dathan Ellis

Date: Oct. 2, 2015


Tags recommended by the template: article:howto, stage:draft

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