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AutoTag 101

New UsersWindward Equation Overview

This page is geared towards users who may have no experience with query statements or report building. You may or may not benefit from the information as we have arranged it, so feel free to pick and choose, or blaze your own trail!


Experienced Users

If you're an experienced user who has downloaded a newer version of AutoTag, first check out our What's New page to see what's been changed or added.

You can also review our Template Layout Best Practices.


Intro: Foundation and Background

Windward’s AutoTag lets you create database-linked reports and documents while eliminating the need to know or learn query languages.  At the same time, AutoTag greatly reduces the time you spend creating reports. 

  • We have created Wizards that help you to write complicated query statements (also called Select Statements) in order to access the information in your database that you need to appear in your finished reports.
  • We partner with MS Office to bring you powerful tools that use Office’s formatting capabilities so that your final documents look sharp and contain more data than you can imagine!


There are 4 main places to locate our help content:

  • Windward Wiki (You’re here!)
  • Windward Tutor – step by step tutorials (Note: Firefox/Mozilla may not allow the Show Me How features. Please try another browser.)
  • Sample Templates – view and play with working templates to see what you can do with AutoTag! We also have working templates that focus on each tag to teach you about their properties and capabilities.
    • You can access these by clicking the AutoTag Manager tab in your MS Ribbon and clicking Sample Templates, or by searching your computer for  C:\Users\yourcomputer\Documents\AutoTag\templates\Tag Templates
  • AutoTag’s in-program Getting Started Guide – Access this at startup of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You can also access it by clicking the AutoTag Manager tab in the MS Ribbon and navigating to Quick Start.

AutoTag 101 

Once you've read or tried out the resources below, you should be able to create some pretty awesome templates and use our Wiki to answer many of your more advanced questions.

(Note: Firefox/Mozilla may not allow the Show Me How features on Windward Tutor. Please try another browser.)


Segment 4

When you're comfortable with the basics, here are some articles and links to other helpful features.



What's Next?

You're ready to start making your own snazzy templates now!


If you have questions, this wiki is full of great info.


If you Need Help, we have an awesome support staff ready to answer your questions!


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