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How to Use Windward's Help Content

What's a wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users. We call this site a wiki because our employees collaboratively write and update content.


This site is set up with you in mind -- we want you to be able to find the best information to answer your questions without having to wait! If you aren't finding the information you need, here are some tips to help you use our site to your best advantage. And, as always, if you're unable to find the answers you need, our support team is just a click away!

Page Tour

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents (TOC) is collapsed on each page, but can be expanded with a click!


You can use it to get a good idea of what information is provided on a page to see if it's really the information you're looking for. In addition, each section is hyperlinked so that when you click, it will jump to the section on the page. 



Article Feedback and Recommendations

At the bottom of each page there are other kinds of options to help you. 

  • Scroll through related articles (see the far right side)
  • Give us feedback - whether a yes/no or comments, your input helps us to make our content more clear, or to add more content to answer your questions.
  • Check out recommended articles - these are based on your search terms and may answer questions you didn't know you had!
  • Use the list of tags at the end of an article to see if there are terms that you'd like to do a separate search for.


Header Tour

Our Header has options for you as well:

Search Bar

See the Search Options section to understand our search features to find what you're looking for!

Navigation Bar

You can navigate backwards through sections (breadcrumbs) by clicking on any of the levels shown. For Example, in the image above, you can click on AutoTag User Guide to jump backwards two levels in the site organizational structure. 


You can also click on the Folder icon (to the left of the breadcrums) to view a collapsible sitemap and jump directly to pages that seem helpful.

Sign In

A sign in is not required for any of our users.  You can create one if you'd like, but the site and functionality are the same with or without a password.



Searching This Wiki

Here are some hints about searching within our site.

Search Bar


Regardless of what page you are on when you type in the search bar, the query will give you results from the whole site.  When you enter your search terms, the site will check for articles that have been tagged with those words.

Modifying your search


To search for terms that occur anywhere in the text of an article, type the following in the search bar: content:search terms




Other modifications are:



searches for content in all text in all articles


searches for terms only found in titles


excludes pages with the specified term

You can also perform Boolean searches and boosting. See our page on Advanced Searching for more information.


Refining your search results

You can refine your results by selecting any of the categories shown.



Note that you may be able to filter several levels of article hierarchy to reduce the number of returned articles. In this search, we have used 4 levels of filtering.



Searching via Google

Our articles are also searchable through Google or any other search engine.  You can type  _____ into the search bar and include your search terms after the address, or you can just type "Windward Studios" and your search terms.  


Support Tickets

If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us! Clicking here will take you to our support ticket page.  You will need to create a login for this page so that we can contact you to help! 



What's Next?

If you haven't read our AutoTag 101 page, that's a great place to start.