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Install the .NET Engine


This page provides written instructions on how to install the .NET Engine






  1. Go to
  2. Click “.NET Engine Installer”.
  3. Select "Run" (or save the installer file and Run once done downloading).



  1. Once the download is complete, click Run. 


  1. The installer for the .NET Engine will open. Click Next. 



  1. Accept the license agreement, and click Next again. 



  1. Enter your license key and click Next. You may also enter your license key after installation.



  1. Choose custom settings; click Next to continue. 



  1. Select whether or not to install Windward Reports in the Global Assembly Cache; click Next to continue. 



  1. Click Install to begin the installation .



  1. After the installation is complete, information about Windward Reports for .NET Engine appears. Click Next to continue. 



  1. Ensure the box at the bottom of the window is checked in order to open the Catapult Help Menu. Click Finish. 



  1. Open the install directory of your Windward Reports .NET Engine.
  2. Open the “test” folder.
  3. Launch the run.bat contained in the folder to run the test sample.
  4. If you have not yet entered your license key, the validation will fail. Follow from Step 3 to enter your license key.
  5. Open the file RunReport.exe.config in a text editor.
  6. On line 10, add your license key. The line will look like this:

    <add key=“license” value=”your_license_key” />

  1. Save and close.