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AutoTag Licensing for the Enterprise v0.06


This document contains information about entering your license to use AutoTag.


Windward Software End-User License Agreement

Working with AutoTag License Keys

Entering the License

During Installation

When you install AutoTag you can optionally enter your license key as part of the install process. If you do that you’re done, there is no need to do anything else.


After Installation

To enter the key later, or if you have a demo key and purchased a permanent license and need to enter that key, follow these steps.


Click the AutoTag Manager tab in the ribbon and then the License button.


Copy (CTRL-C) the license key you received and paste (CTRL-V) it into the license dialog.


Click the OK button. You now have your new license key entered.



Upgrading to a New Version

The key you entered is probably only good up to the version of AutoTag you installed. So if you installed version 13, your license is probably only good through version 13, even if you paid annual maintenance so that you now can use version 14.

If you install a newer version, you then need to get a newer copy of your license key. Ask your system administrator to download a new copy of the key that is good up to the latest version of AutoTag, then enter that key as shown above.


AutoTag Trial License

Windward offers customers the ability to download and install a fully functional, trial version of AutoTag for the purposes of testing and evaluation. The following restrictions apply to the AutoTag trial license:

  • The trial version of AutoTag will automatically be disabled after a specified demo period.
  • Trial users who elect to purchase AutoTag will be furnished with a permanent license.


AutoTag Enterprise License

Licenses for Windward AutoTag are sold on a “per seat” basis. In other words, AutoTag licenses are issued based upon the total number of concurrent users.

Because AutoTag starts when Microsoft Office starts, AutoTag is in use whenever Word, Excel, or PowerPoint is running with AutoTag installed, even if the AutoTag functionality is not being used.

This licensing model provides Windward customers with a number of advantages over other licensing models:

  • Licenses are not tied to a specific user. Unlike “per user” licensing (where a license must be purchased for each distinct user), multiple users can share a single-seat license for AutoTag, so long as no more than one employee is using the license at any given time.
  • Licenses are not tied to a specific machine. Unlike “per machine” licensing (where a license must be purchased for each distinct machine on which software is run), a single-seat license for AutoTag can be used on multiple machines, so long as the software is not active on more than one machine at any given time.

Please note that each individual AutoTag “seat” is valid for running the software under the credentials of one user at a time. Therefore, if AutoTag is run on a single virtual machine using multiple user credentials (e.g. Citrix), a separate seat must be purchased for each user running the AutoTag program concurrently.

NOTE: Reports generated using Windward software products can be viewed by an unlimited number of users at absolutely no charge. There is no licensing requirement for users who are simply viewing reports that have been generated using AutoTag and/or Windward’s report engine products.


License Key Location

The license key is stored in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Windward Studios\Auto Tag or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Windward Studios\Auto Tag (2nd key for 32-bit Office on 64-bit Windows).

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