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Connect to an IBM DB2 Data Source in v15



Data Source Type:

IBM DB2 (all types)



This article covers how to install and connect to an IBM DB2 data source in AutoTag's v15. For more information, see the article on the new Connection Editor here.


What you will need to establish connection

If you do not have an IBM DB2 connector already installed, the following are instructions on how to install a lean connector that will enable you to connect to your database using AutoTag:

To install the IBM DB2 connector, and only the drivers needed (you probably do not want the IBM connector client interface), do the following:

1.   Go to the 'Fix Central' page located here:
2.   In the 'Product selector' input box type "IBM Data Server Client Packages".
3.   In the 'Installed Version' input box select the latest version.
4.   In the 'Platform' input box select your PC OS type. Example: "Windows 32-bit, x86".
5.   Click Continue.
6.   On the 'Identify fixes' page, choose the radio button next to 'Individual fix IDs' and in the input box type "*dsdriver*FP002".
7.   Click Continue.
8.   On the 'Select fixes' page, check the fix pack: "DSClients-ntx{bitness}-dsdriver-{version#}-FP002". Where {bitness} is 32 or 64 and {version#} is the latest version you chose. You don’t want the Merge Modules so be sure the fix pack doesn’t have "mm" before the version #.  
9.   Click Continue.

10. You may have to create an IBMid. Just fill out the form and you’ll receive an email with a code that allows you to complete your new user registration.

11. On the 'Download options' page, choose "Download using your browser (HTTPS)" option.

12. Click Continue.
13. On the 'Download files using HTTPS' page, download the "{version#}fp2_ntx{bitness}_dsdriver_EN.exe". Where {bitness} is 32 or 64 and {version#} is the latest version you chose.
14. After download completes, run the "{version#}fp2_ntx{bitness}_dsdriver_EN.exe" program and select the defaults.
15. After you have followed the prompts from the IBM installer, you have completed the driver install.

Connect Your Windward Template to IBM DB2 as a Data Source

Step 1 

From MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, navigate to the AutoTag Manager tab. Once on the AutoTag Manager tab, click on the upper half of the Data Sourcesbutton. This will open the data source Connection Editor.


Note that if you click on the bottom half, you will get a dropdown menu which lists data sources that are already connected; this may be blank.


Step 2

Enter your organization's information. The information for Windward's sample IBM data sources is shown below.


1. In the Connection Editor window, in the New tab, click on IBM DB2 under SQL data sources. The Details pane will change to prompt you for your data source details.

2. Enter a Nickname for your data source connection.

3. Browse to your server location or fill in your server and database information. This may auto-populate once the Server name has been provided. In most cases you will need to set your username & password in order for AutoTag to auto-populate the list. However, if you know the Database name, you can simply type the name in the textbox.

4. Fill in your credentials or opt to use your Windows Identity.

5. ‘User’ is selected by default. Select ‘User & System’ to grab the metadata of the tables created for a database and the system tables used to administer and configure each database.

6. Click Connect, and then Test your connection. If all parameters and credentials are correct and a connection is made, you will receive a successful notification. Clicking Close will save your information. 



Once all of your information is properly filled in you can click OK and your connection will be established.


Other features in the Datasource Connector

Read in metadata:

Check this to read in additional information from the database, primarily the descriptions of tables, views, & columns and the primary key - foreign key relationships. It is a good idea to have this selected.
Use Connection String:

This is optional. You can enter the connection string directly instead of entering the Server, Database, & credentials in the previous fields. When unchecked, it will allow you to type the connection string AutoTag will use to connect to your data source.

Root directory:

This is optional. This is the "default directory" for any import tag requests where the requested file does not have an absolute path. If left blank, AutoTag will use the directory where the data source file is located. If the data source is not a file it will use the directory where the template is located.

Test your connection by using Windward’s sample DB2 Database

The Windward sample DB2 credentials are:

  • Server:
  • Database: SAMPLE
  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo


Common Issues:

Each flavor of DB2 uses different options to read in metadata. If you connect to your database, but AutoTag does not display any Tables or Views in the Data Bin, then please read Overriding DB2 Metadata.