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Editing and Deleting Datasource Connections


This article covers how to edit and delete data source connections.


Please note that there are two different interfaces depending on the version of AutoTag you are using.

See directly below for version 15 and newer.

Click here for version 14 and earlier (near the end of the page).


Editing and Deleting a Data Source Connection in v15 and newer

The newest User Interface has a simple way to edit and delete data sources.

From MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, navigate to the AutoTag Manager tab. Once on the AutoTag Manager tab, click on the upper half of the Data Sourcesbutton. This will open the data source Connection Editor.


In the new window, click on the Connections Tab to view the data sources which you already have connected.

  • You can organize them by using the up and down arrows.
  • To delete a data source which you will no longer be using, select the data source and click the trashcan icon.
  • You can also edit details in the Details pane.


Editing a Data Source Connection, v14 and older

1. Click the "Data Sources" icon under the AutoTag Manager tab.

2. Select the connection you wish to edit.

3. Click "Edit." The Database Connection Dialog displays with the current settings. Update the settings as needed.


Deleting a Data Source Connection, v14 and older

1. Click the "Data Sources" icon under the Report Manager tab. 

2. Select the connection you wish to delete from either the left pane or the right pane.

3. Click "Delete." The connection is deleted immediately -- there is no confirmation dialog.


Using Data Source Connections in the Registry

For information, please see Using Datasource Connections in the Registry.