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SQL Datasource Wizard


Screens specific to connecting to an SQL database when using the Datasource Wizard.


After following steps 1-4 in the Data Source Wizard,

  1. (Optional) You may see:


    If the connector is not installed, this page will display.
    Clicking the Install link will – if it is MySQL, DB2, Access or Excel -- run the installer for you. For Oracle, it will go to the wiki page for installing the connector for that specific client.
    The check link needs to be clicked once the install is complete to verify it is there.

    Once this is complete, click Next.
  2. If the connector has a provider (ODBC/Ole-DB), this window will display next:


    Click Next.
  3. The following window appears:


    Select the server. The software will enumerate for servers if it’s supported. Click Next.
  4. The following window appears:


    Select the database. (This is not a required field.) Click Next.
  5. You will now be on step 6 of the Data Source Wizard. Click the link to continue following along with the Data Source Wizard.
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