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Suppress or Disable AutoTag Popups


AutoTag has helpful pop-up windows; many have different kinds of options that allow you to disable or suppress them.


Quick Start, Tips, and Step-By-Step Popups

To disable the Tip of the Day, simple check "Do not display at start."


To disable the Quick Start guide, UnCheck "Show at startup"


If you ever need to access these again, simply navigate to the Options or Getting Started Guide areas of the AutoTag Ribbon.


Update AutoTag?

  1. Under "Ask me again in," select 'Never ask me again', click Save.
  2. Change this setting in the registry (Click here for the Registry wiki page):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Windward Studios\Auto Tag\update!next-remind-day = "2999-01-01T17:04:32.0000000"






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