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Custom Forms in AutoTag



You can populate the values in form fields using tags. This is supported for DOCX templates going to DOCX, HTML, or PDF output.

In the template, place a FORMCHECKBOX, FORMDROPDOWN, or FORMTEXT field. Or place a CheckBox, ComboBox, DropDownList, PlainText, or RichText content control.


  1. Insert these form fields as you normally do.
  2. In the name field of the form properties, enter a unique name.
  3. Immediately after the form, enter the tag used to populate the form. 
  4. Set the nickname of the tag to match the form name. This name match is used to tie the tag to the form.
  5. For a FORMTEXT, PlainText, or RichText field, place an out tag to populate the tag.
  6. For a FORMCHECKBOX or CheckBox field, place an if tag followed by an endIf tag. The box will be checked if the if tag returns true.
  7. For FORMDROPDOWN, ComboBox, or DropDownList field, place a forEach tag, out tag, and endForEach tag after for field. The values from the out tag will be used to populate the list of selected items.
    1. There is presently no way to set the initial value in a FORMDROPDOWN, ComboBox, or DropDownList field.

The tags used to populate the field will not be rendered in the report itself. All content between the if/endIf (checkbox) and forEach/endForEach (lists) will be used solely to populate the field and will not be in the report output.

Setting Up the Template

The Template


The Generated Report


Field & Tag Properties

Form Field


Content Control


Out Tag (following either of the above fields):


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