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MS Office 365 (Word/Excel Online)


This article covers the differences between Office 365 and desktop versions of MSOffice and limitations of using Office 365.


Desktop versus Browser

When users log into Office 365 and download/install onto their desktops, they have installed MS Office 2016. AutoTag is a desktop app which plugs into desktop versions of MS Office.


Office 365 is accessible when users are logged into 365 and are only using the online environment. AutoTag cannot be installed or used in a browser. 


Limitations of Office 365

There are some important considerations when using AutoTag or Autotag-generated documents in 365. The online versions of MS Office may silently fail when some valid constructs in a file are used. Please be aware that Microsoft provides no official support when this happens (they do provide some unofficial support).


We will do our best to figure out what a problem is and try to code around the limitation. However, Windward cannot promise to find and/or fix all issues because of the lack of support from Microsoft.


If you run into trouble and want to submit a support ticket, please provide a generated file that is ok and then a second file (with a single change) that is not ok. This is the giant problem – finding what the online version of Word chokes on. This tends to be some unusual formatting or layout setting. Send both of these files to