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The AutoTag Interface


Windward's AutoTag adds two tabs to the MS Ribbon in Word, Excel and PowerPoint: AutoTag and AutoTag Manager. In the AutoTag tab, you create and edit tags. In the AutoTag Manager tab, you perform miscellaneous tasks. 


Interface by AutoTag Version

Our instructional content screenshots may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. Note that we are releasing a new interface in July of 2016 with v15. We will be slowly updating our articles to include new articles, or adding extra screenshots to existing articles. 



Interface by MS Office Version

  • Windward recommends using Microsoft Office 2016 (or the newest version of Office) as a standard. Windward supports all versions of MS Office 2007 and newer.
  • When Office 365 is downloaded and installed on a desktop, the installed version is simply Office 2016.  
    • AutoTag cannot be installed or used in the browser-only version of Office 365 (this is due to the nature of the browser version).
  • Interfaces vary slightly for different versions of Office because Windows' ribbons vary from version to version.
  • ​Windward no longer supports AutoTag in Office 2003 because Microsoft stopped supporting this version of Office
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