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SQL Datasets


This article goes through the steps to create SQL datasets. Making a dataset is essentially making a POD (portable object doclets).


You create a dataset by first creating a data source. Then click the Datasets button and the Add. In this example we are using the select "SELECT dbo.Employees.FirstName, dbo.Employees.LastName, dbo.Territories.TerritoryDescription FROM (dbo.Employees INNER JOIN dbo.EmployeeTerritories ON dbo.Employees.EmployeeID = dbo.EmployeeTerritories.EmployeeID) INNER JOIN dbo.Territories ON dbo.EmployeeTerritories.TerritoryID = dbo.Territories.TerritoryID" to create a dataset that is the name and territory of each employee. This allows us to use EmpTerr as shorthand for this long select.


When you click Save you can rename any of the columns. We recommend you do not do this unless the existing column names are nonsensical.

You now have the EmpTerr dataset under your data source.


You can now use the dataset in a select. In this case we are listing all employees who's territory names starts with a 'B' ({select}). We can treat this as a simple table even though under the covers it is performing a join.

{wizard with eval}

Creating the Pod (.rdlx) File:

The above steps place a dataset in AutoTag for full use. To use the dataset in the engine, you need to place this dataset in a POD file. Please go to Datasets for information on this next step.

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