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XML Datasets


This article goes through the steps to create XML datasets.


You create a dataset by first creating a data source. Then click the Datasets button and the Add. In this example we are using the select "/data/xyCategory" to create a dataset that is our xyCategory sample chart data set. This allows us to use xy instead of the select (normally the XPath select will be a lot more complex than this).


You now have the xy dataset under your data source.


You can now use the dataset in a select. In this case we are listing all employees who's territory names starts with a 'items that have a non-negative number (${xy}/item[@num >= 0]). We can treat this as a simple XPath even though under the covers it is performing an XPath on top of an underlying XPath select.


Creating the Pod (.rdlx) File

The above steps place a dataset in AutoTag for full use. To use the dataset in the engine, you need to place this dataset in a POD file. Please go to Datasets for information on this next step.
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