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Out Tag Properties


This page discusses the different types of properties (Bitmap, Date, Number, Template) for the Out Tag.


Properties Bar in AutoTag Ribbon

When you insert an Out Tag, a new area will appear in your Ribbon, shown below.

Tag Types.PNG

If the data associated with your Out Tag is not simply text, you will need to tell AutoTag what kind of data it is so that it appears correctly upon Output:

  • BITMAP: Images and picture must be classified as BITMAPS in order for AutoTag to know an image is to appear there.
  • DATE: Choose this option if the data is a Date. (You will need to select a date format -- this is explained below)
  • NUMBER: For integer tags where numbers should be the outputted data. More options on significant figures can be set as well.
  • TEMPLATE: Is for Windward Templates, a sub report
  • TIME: Choose this option if the data is time-related. (You will need to select a date format -- this is explained below)

Format Data

If your data is not simply text, image, or a sub-document, you will likely want to format it.  When you click the Format Data button, the native format text window appears so that you can choose to format with options like Currency, Date, Fraction, and more.

Format data.PNG




For example, the default for Dates is "Day Mon DD Hr:Mn:Sc Zone YYYY."  When you Output a tag without clicking the Format Data Button and choosing an option, your date will show up as "Thu Mar 01 09:42:56 MDT 1901."  


When you format the data before Output, you can choose the date format that is best for your report, so that your date would output as:






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