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Conditional Formatting Tag Syntax


The "condition" attribute in the Out tag controls the conditional formatting applied to that tag.


The value of the condition attribute consists of one or more <rule> elements, separated by ;;

    Ex. <rule>

    Ex. <rule>;;<rule>;;<rule>

A <rule> is made up of <condition>::<formatting>::<stopIfTrue>

<condition> controls if the formatting rule is applied. it must begin with an equals sign =

    Ex. =1>0

    Ex. =${myVar} <= 5

    Ex. =${nameVar}==&quot;Nancy&quot;

<formatting> is made up of one or more <format> elements, separated by //

    Ex. <format>

    Ex. <format>//<format>

<format> defines a specific format as <setting>!!<value>

<setting> <value>
italic yes/no
bold yes/no
underline yes/no/double
strikethrough yes/no/double
forecolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
backcolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
border single/thick/double/thin/inset/outset/triple/dot/small_dash/dash
topborder single/thick/double/thin/inset/outset/triple/dot/small_dash/dash
bottomborder single/thick/double/thin/inset/outset/triple/dot/small_dash/dash
leftborder single/thick/double/thin/inset/outset/triple/dot/small_dash/dash
rightborder single/thick/double/thin/inset/outset/triple/dot/small_dash/dash
bordercolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
topbordercolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
bottombordercolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
leftbordercolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
rightbordercolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
cellcolor 000000 (color in hexidecimal format)
vertalignment  t/c/b (these set to top, center and bottom respectively)

    Ex. italic!!yes

    Ex. bordercolor!!FF0000

<stopIfTrue> will not run any subsequent conditional formatting rules for this tag if the current condition is set to true.

    Ex. true

    Ex. false


A few complete examples:

    Ex. =TRUE()::italic!!yes::false

        This will set the tag out to italics.

    Ex. =${myVar}<6::forecolor!!FF0000//vertalignment!!t::false

        If the value of myVar is less than 6, set the color of the text to red and align the text in the cell to "top".

    Ex. =${nameVar}==&quot;Nancy&quot;::cellcolor!!FF0000::false

        If the value of nameVar is Nancy, set the color of the cell to red.