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Lost or Invisible Tags


Lost or invisible tags can happen for a few reasons. Someone may have tried to delete the tag without using the Delete Tag button. Someone may have accidentally changed the nickname to a space. If you can't locate a tag and need to find it, use the Tag Tree!


Use this Sample Document to try it.

Step 1

In the MS Ribbon, under the AutoTag tab, click the Tag Tree button. Your Tag Tree will appear in a pane on the right side of your document. 

Step 2

Expand the tree until you find the tag in question. In this example we have an invisible EndForEach tag that we want to delete. 

Double click the tag you want to edit or delete; it will be highlighted in the body of the document.

  • In this example, the nickname was changed to a single space, so that single space is highlighted. 


Step 3

Once your tag is highlighted, you can choose to Delete the tag or Edit the tag (to give it a nickname that you can see) using the buttons in the MS Ribbon.