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Salesforce Select Statement Wizard


The Salesforce Wizard makes selecting data easy, with an intuitive click-and-drag interface similar to the SQL and OData Wizards.

The Salesforce Wizard Interface

The Salesforce Wizard is composed of four main sections which are further explained below.

  • the data pane on the left
  • the select options in the middle
  • the query results on the right
  • the build query statement on the bottom. 



The Data Pane

The data pane shows the schema for the Salesforce account in use. It supports the standard Salesforce objects, as well as any custom objects your organization may have.

The Select Options Pane

This is the middle pane of the Wizard, and is the main tool for building a query. You begin by selecting the columns which you would like in your result set by dragging them from the data pane into the Columns section.  Once a column is listed you can click on the column text and a drop down menu will appear allowing you to execute the following.


Set alias

  • allows you to specify an alias for your column to refer to in short form later in your query.


  • Average (computes the average of all numbers in the column)

  • Count (counts the number of items in a the selected column)

  • Minimum (returns the smallest value in the column)

  • Maximum (returns the highest value in the column)

  • Sum (returns the sum of all values in the column)

  • Remove (removes a previously applied function from the selected column0


  • Removes the selected column from the column list.

Remove all "Column Name"

  • Remove

  • Remove all


You can then drag columns (from the same table) into the Sort region to order your results. You can change or remove the sort order by clicking on the column name you have recently added. If you need to group items, this can be accomplished by dragging different sort orders below each other. For example, if you need to sales by a region and then need to sort each region by the highest selling sales representative you would drag the sales region column over first and then drag the sales representative amount column directly under it in the sort area.


The Filter region lets you limit the results based on some criteria, by building the "WHERE" section of the select.

The Results Pane

The results pane is the region on the right of the Wizard which shows the results of the query as you build it up. This region will only show the top 20 results, unless a "LIMIT" has been explicitly added to the query.

The Query Pane

The query pane is the bottom section of the Wizard. This will show your query as it has been built so far. If you wish to manually edit the query, you can use the "Advanced" button near the bottom right of the window. Using this button will expose the "Execute" button which can be used to execute a query and see the results in the results pane. Note that adding any advanced query options to your select statement will make it impossible to revert to the main Wizard. An example of this would be using the Count() function in your query.

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