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XPath Wizard Sorting


With the XPath wizard in AutoTag, you have the ability to sort items in your report template either ascending, descending or perform a sort on multiple nodes.

Sorting with Xpath ascending or descending

  1. Select the beginning forEach tag in your template that contains the data you would like to sort by.
  2. Click the Wizard button on the AutoTag ribbon to open the XPath Wizard
  3. In the XPath Wizard, click the link "Click here to add an order by"

XPath Wizard Click to Order By.PNG

  1. Select the node you wish to sort by then choose ascending or descending.

XPath Wizard Order By select node.PNG

XPath Wizard descending sort.PNG

Multiple Node Xpath Sorting

  1. To sort on multiple nodes, simply click the "Click her to add an order by" link under your current order by statement in the Xpath Wizard and select a second node to order by

XPath Wizard multi note select.PNG

  1. This will sort the data by the LastName node descending then by the Region node ascending

XPath wizard multi node sort.PNG

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