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Basic Trouble Shooting for Formatting in Word


Are you having formatting trouble? Pages not breaking where they are supposed to? Tags seem to be adding extra lines, but all your tag settings are correct? You may be running into issues with MS Office's native formatting. Use some of these tips to help you find out how to get your template to do what you want it to do!


Since our customers use so many different versions of MS Office, the screenshots or locations of Word tools may vary from what you're seeing. Simply do a Google search for the version of word, and what you'd like to find. There are tons of helpful organizations and individuals who have put together instructions for you. 


Our examples use MS Office 2016.


Clean Template

This great AutoTag Tool can help with issues from upgrading older templates so that they work well in newer versions, to fixing expressions, and fixing Office styles.

Clean Template Tool

The ForEach Tag and formatting

Remember that the ForEach tag will repeat all the elements between the beginning and ending tags. This includes hidden carriage returns, extra table cells, etc. 


Show Formatting

First things first. When you're having trouble understanding what's going on, turn on Show Formatting and Table Grids.


Normal View View with Formatting and Gridlines enabled

Show Formatting

In Office 2016, you can do this by going to the Home tab in the MS Ribbon and clicking the paragraph icon:



Show Table Gridlines

In Office 2016, when you insert a table, or put your cursor in an existing table, the Table Tools tab appears in your ribbon. Go to the Layout tab, then click on View Gridlines.





Show Tags as Text

If you want to search through the whole content of a tag without scrolling through every tag, you can use this shortcut.

  • With your template open, hit Alt+F9 and all your tags will turn into long strings of text. Now you can use Ctrl+F to search or even replace content from your tags. 
  • To return to the normal 'filed tag' view, just hit Alt+F9 again. 



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