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Document (Word) Limitations


This article covers the Word document limitations.




  • Document limitations
  • Paragraph limitations
  • Table limitations
  • Section limitations
  • Style limitations
  • Images - DOCX --> DOCX is supported (as of v12)
    • Image location & size supported. Border always drawn as a solid line.
    • All image properties rendered in output such as 3-D transforms, fancy borders, shadows, etc. are copied to the output.
    • Transforms to the image itself are not copied to the output.
    • PDF Limitations. (For almost perfect PDF rendering, see Office PDF Mode)
      • Images are copied from the template and the resolution in the PDF may not be as high quality. 
  • Restricting editing of the document
    • DOCX -> DOCX document marked No changes (read only). DOCX -> DOCX - all additional restrictions supported (Now supported in version 13)
    • No support for:
      • Autoshapes
      • customXml
      • Math (Office Open XML Math). We support equations created using the old equation editor which saves them as an OLE object (pre DOCX), but not equations saved as XML Math.

RTF & WordML

  • All limitations for DOCX.
  • For templates, no new functionality will be added for RTF/WordML templates. Please use DOCX instead of RTF/WordML for templates.
  • If there is a problem with an RTF/WordML template, the solution will be to upgrade the template to DOCX.
  • RTF/WordML output is supported but many of the new properties cannot be written in RTF/WordML output (due to RTF/WordML limitations).
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