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DOCX Document Limitations


This article covers DOCX document limitations when using AutoTag.

Inserting Tags in Main Document

We support colors, but not drawing objects (yet).

  • Not Supported:
    • Watermarks. (Instead, just add the image you want as your watermark to the Header Section, then set the image properties to be 'Behind the Text'.)
    • Glossary.
    • Mail merge. (Use AutoTag to do this for you!)

Headers & Footers

  • Fully supported.


  • Previous versions beginning with support DOCX -> DOCX only
    • Support for other output types available in version 13 and newer.
  • For main document only. Not supported for imported templates.

Document Properties

  • Fully support:
    • creator
    • description
    • keywords
    • subject
    • title
  • Nothing else supported.

Document Settings

  • Fully support:
    • Auto-hyphenation.
    • Default tab stop.
    • Do not use indent as numbering tab stop (compatibility setting).
    • Even and odd headers.
    • Mirror margins.
    • No column balance (compatibility setting).
  • Partially support:
    • Attached template.
    • Display Background shape.
    • Hyphenation properties (consecutive limit, zone, no caps) supported for DOCX output only.
    • Track revisions (we don't copy revisions, just this setting).
    • Table of Contents (TOC) can be inaccurate if you are importing templates (via Out Tag or Import Tag) or html.
  • Absolute positioning of tables and images is not supported. See Template Best Practices for more information.
  • Nothing else supported.

Content Controls

  • Not supported for Tags
  • Supported for DOCX --> DOCX as a page element

Table of Contents

When formatting the alignment of a Table of Contents, ensure:


  • The paragraph right indentation of the style used to format the Table of Contents is set to 0.
  • No Tab Stops are set at or beyond the right page margin.