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DOCX Section Limitations


This article covers DOCX section limitations.

Fully Supported

  • Bi-directional support.
  • Headers & footers.
  • Page margins.
  • Paper source (for printers).

Fully Supported DOCX -> DOCX, Partially Supported DOCX -> Other

  • Multiple columns. Line separator between columns DOCX only, all other settings supported in all formats.
  • Page borders. Fancy borders are DOCX output only. All other border settings supported for all output. Conditional display, offset, and zOrder not supported (even on DOCX).

Partially Supported

  • Page numbering - only support setting the page number for the first page of the section.
    • Table of Contents can be inaccurate if you are importing templates (via Out Tag or import Tag) or html.
  • Page size. Height, width, and orientation fully supported. Printer code not supported.

Supported DOCX -> DOCX Only

  • Line numbering (added in version 12.1).
  • Text direction (added in version 12.1).

Not Supported

  • Grid settings (for Asian typography).
  • Gutter on right side (RTL).
  • Printer settings.
  • Vertical alignment (superscript/subscript). This is supported as a run text property.
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