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Excel Tags Show "#NAME?"


If your Excel template is not showing your tags or nicknames, but is instead showing #NAME?, you might not have all the macros installed. Follow the steps below.


Simple Troubleshooting

First try your Clean Template tool. If this doesn't work, go through the steps below to fix your tag appearance.


If any of your cells look like this, start by checking whether you have both Excel Add-ins for AutoTag.


Step 1

There is one Add-in that is a COM Add-in, and another that is an Excel Add-in -- the second is the one you may be missing. 

(File > Options > Add-ins > Excel Add-ins)

Ensure that Windward AutoTag is checked. If you don't see it, browse to C:\Program Files\Windward Studios\AutoTag\AutoTagExcelMacro.xla 


Step 2

Your tags may return to normal after Step 1. If not, save and exit your template, then open it again. Click on each tag, and in Excel's Formula Bar, remove all the text between the  =  and autotag, see below:



If you're using 64bit and have the following in your cells, just deleting  (x86) will fix the issue.

  • ='C:\Program Files (x86)\Windward Studios\AutoTag\AutoTagExcelMacro.xla'!autotag("</wr:forEach deleteRow='true'>")



Your Formula Bar should look like this, and your tag and tag nicknames should now look correct in their cells (See A46 below). You may need to repeat this step for other cells. 

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