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Importing Templates and parent/child styles for version 14



First, this only applies when you have a conflicting style in the parent and child document. For example, if your Normal style is black text in the parent document, but blue text in the child document. In that case, we have to choose one of the styles, and which we choose can be controlled by the mechanisms described here. This does not enable you to change any of the styles in the child document. If the style of the child paragraph is the Normal style, it will remain the Normal style, even if the paragraph containing the Import Tag had a different style.


This article gives you the information to set or change the settings of your Import Tag properties in order to apply the parent styles or retain child styles of your imported templates or subdocuments. You can set the styles on a tag-by-tag basis, and the Import Tag settings will apply to styles for imported tables, paragraphs, images, charts, etc.


This applies to both imported MS Office documents (not containing any Windward Tags and logic) and to your imported Tagged templates (containing Windward Tags and logic).


Parent and Child Styles in Version 14, and Newer

Version 14 (and newer) are set up to manage parent and child properties in a different way than previous versions. For v13 instructions, see this article.



The default in AutoTag is that all imported documents will keep their original style (retaining child styles). In order to manage parent and child styles:

  • Double click on the Import Tag that you would like to modify
  • Click on the Properties tab, then under Document, set use-child-styles to false.
    • Note: In version 13 you would set use-parent-format to true. But in later versions, use-parent-format is ignored and has no effect.
  • Click Save Tag and exit the Tag Editor




When you run your parent template, the imported (child) document style will now match the parent template style.


While it is possible to change the defaults so that the opposite is set (parent styles are applied as the default) it is not recommended due to the necessity of some minor programming and the lengthy process.