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Input to Output Formats



A list of supported input and output formats.

Input Formats

See a list of supported input formats.

Output Formats

See a list of supported output formats.

See a list of output format limitations.

From Input Formats to Output Formats

With AutoTag, you can go from one supported template (Input) format to a different Output format. For instance, you can go from a DOCX template to an HTML file.


But this does not hold true in every case. For example, PPTX is not an Output option for Word and Excel templates, and PowerPoint templates can only be output to PDF, Printer, and PPTX formats. Supported outputs will appear as active (i.e. not grayed out) in the output options for a given template.


This table shows you which output formats are available for which input formats, with important notes below the table:


1. HTML input is for simple template use only. Many advanced features will not carry across to other formats in the output. See HMTL Input.


2. HTML output may not display format-specific features exactly as intended.


3. We recommend you use DOCX instead of RTF for template input.


4. DOCX input to XLSX output and XLSX input to DOCX output works, but the two will not look the same due to fundamental differences in the systems.


5. XLS output is limited to basic formatting and does not include charts and images. We recommend using XLSX instead.





  • SpreadML was previously supported but has many limitations that do not carry well to other formats.  Support has been removed for this format as both a template and output.


  • Windward fully supports WordML and will for the foreseeable future as it is basically DOCX in 1 file. With that said, new features Microsoft adds to DOCX are not added to WordML. That's a Microsoft limitation.