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Microsoft Word Field Codes and How to Hide/Show Them


Microsoft Word can embed special items in Word documents called "Field Codes".  Fields in Microsoft Word are used as placeholders for data that might change in a document, and for creating form letters and labels in mail-merge documents. These kinds of fields are also called field codes, and they are different from the type of fields that are used to enter information, such as on a form.


The most common issue that Windward users face regarding fields codes is that they can be turned on accidentally.  When this occurs you will see all of your AutoTag tags appear formatted like the text below:

{AUTOTEXTLIST \t "<wr:out select='SelectStatementHere'/>"}



Word 2007+

Simply press the key combination  ALT + F9


Previous versions of Word

To solve this problem, you can turn off Show Field Codes in Microsoft Word:

1.     Open the document where the field codes are displayed.

2.     Press "Alt+F9" to turn off field codes currently on the page. To turn off a field code for a specific field, click the field and press "Shift+F9" instead.

3.     Click the Office button and select "Word Options" to turn off field codes by default.

4.     Select the "Advanced" tab in the "Word Options" window.

5.     Scroll to the "Show document content" section. Deselect "Show field codes instead of their values" and click "OK."

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