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PowerPoint Slide Break


Documents the  ForEachTag break attribute for breaking content across multiple PowerPoint slides.


With ForEach Tags in PowerPoint, you can use the break attribute, which is a number greater than 0. After ForEachTag runs that many times, it will make a new copy of the slide and continue there. Everything else on the slide is also copied.



Let's say you put a table in the middle of the slide to list Events, of which there are 18 in your data source. If you set break=6, you will get a 6 Events slide with up to 6 events per slide, or in this case you'll have an output will exactly 3 slides listing 6 Events each.  Other than these events, the slides have copies of the exact same content.


If you only had 6 events (or less than 6 events), then you'd only generate the one slide – breaks are only done after the limit is met.


You can only have one break per slide in the template; you can't have two (or more) slide-breaking tables on the same slide in the template.


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