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Count Function


The purpose of AutoTag's Count Function is to allow a user to count the number of values in a list of a series of numbers (sometimes referred as a range of numbers).


For example, if you have a large list of orders or invoice numbers, the Count function could be used to list the total number of orders or invoices.

In the set of numbers below, the Count Function would return 3 as the result:



Where Do I Use This Function?

  • This function can be used in any tag that can execute a select statement
  • The most common tags are Out, ForEach, Query, If, Set and Chart Tags.
  • You can insert functions in a select by selecting a tag and choosing the Equations button




Data Sources Supported

All data sources are supported

Examples in the attached template for:

  • SQL
  • XML
  • JSON



  • ​number - At least one is required. These are a list of the values to count​ and each value is separated by a comma delimiter.
  • NOTE - A maximum of 255 arguments can be used in the functions comma delimited list.  
  • NOTE - If a number returns a series of numbers, IE number1 = Select CompanyName from Company, then this only counts as a single argument.
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