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Custom Macro Functions

Windward's library ships with many functions, however, you may find from time to time that you require a function customized to your needs that does not exist in our library. Windward allows you to define your own custom macro functions to expand the Windward reporting functionality.


Here are the basic steps required to make use of the library template Windward provides in order to add your own custom macro functions.


Step 1: Download the Windward Custom Macro Function Example 

Open the code example and program your custom macro function.

Step 2: Compile Your Code

  • AutoTag and the .NET Engine should produce WindwardCustomFunctions.dll
  • Java Engine should produce

Step 3: Overwrite the Installed File

Copy compiled custom macro functions file to overwrite the installed file

  • AutoTag and the .NET Engine instructions are located at the bottom of this page.
  • Java Engine instructions are located at the bottom of this page.

Step 4: Use the AutoTag Equation Wizard

Now apply your custom macro function using the Equation Wizard:

  • After updating your specific custom functions file, restart your application
  • In AutoTag you can click on the Equation button to launch the Insert Function window.
  • In the Insert Function window select Custom from the category dropdown.
  • You will then see your custom macro function listed in the Select a function area.


  • Choose your function and fill in your parameters, then click OK.
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