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Data Count


Provides a count of the number of rows of data that will be used to populate the template when the report is generated.


This is useful when you run a report and get an out of memory error, yet you were expecting just a 5 page report. Run Data Count to find the forEach tag that is returning more data than you expected.

Added in Version 12.0


This runs the tags in the template, executing all tags. It does not generate a report, it just reads each row of data in a forEach loop, evaluates all tags within the forEach loop, then discards that row of data and reads the next.

Because this is not building a report and is only holding the row of data it is presently on in a forEach tag, it can run through millions of rows of data without running out of memory.

For inner forEach tags, the total for that tag is the total of all forEach calls across all iterations of the outer forEach tag.

if and switch tags are evaluated and only tags within the true part will be evaluated. This toll evaluates exactly the same tags, with exactly the same values, in exactly the same order, as it will when generating a report.

What are the benefits of this feature?

Provides an easy way to identify the forEach tag returning more data than expected.

When to use this feature?

When you get an OutOfMemoryException when running a report.

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