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AutoTag Crashes Office on Startup


Office crashes on startup after installing AutoTag

Possible reasons

  1. If a template is old and has been updated through many versions, it might be buggy. Use the Clean Template tool to see if any issues can be easily resolved.
  2. There may be some tags that have bad selects or bad properties so that the Add-In is experiencing trouble. Try the Clean template tool, or try reverting to a version of the template that existed before you started experiencing the trouble. You can try using a copy and deleting portions of the template to narrow down the location of a tag that is causing trouble. In worst cases, you may need to start over building the template from scratch.
  3. Another Add-On is interfering with AutoTag. LaserFiche, for example, has been known to cause Office to crash when AutoTag is installed due to its handling of certain Office functions. Try disabling additional add-ons, then re-enabling AutoTag.
  4. Custom Office settings point to the wrong Office installation location or .NET installation. There have been times when custom workarounds for other issues mean that the expected .NET or Office version is not being used, so AutoTag looks in the wrong location. Let support know if you have any custom settings - this is a very rare case.
  5. Opening a pre-existing template causes AutoTag to freeze. In older versions of AutoTag, caching very large data sets could cause Office to appear to hang while the data was being cached. This can be resolved by either connecting to a schema for the data, or upgrading to the latest version of AutoTag, which has handling built in to limit load times.
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