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Update Many Tags At Once


Sometimes you just need to update all your tags in a template. You may have to set a new variable name or simply change the nickname of common tags you are using. Either way, you certainly don't have the time to go through your template to manually alter each tag. We have a solution.


To update specific tags in your entire template (whether it's Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your template.
  2. Press the Alt & F9 keys to show the field codes (if you have a Function Lock button on your keyboard, be sure to click this before pressing Alt & F9). Pressing these keys will show the raw text of each of your tags in your template. Don't worry. You can undo this by pressing the Alt & F9 keys again later. For more info go here.
  3. Copy the value, name, or text you want to update in your tags (i.e. "${varName3.Name}").
  4. Click the 'Replace' button on the 'Home' tab in the menu ribbon (for Excel, click the 'Home' tab and select the  'Find & Select' button. Then, click the 'Replace...' button).
  5. Paste the current value (you want to change) in the 'Find what:' text box.
  6. Type the new updated name, value, or text you want to use in the 'Replace with:' text box. Be sure you have typed the new value exactly the way you desire.
  7. Click the 'Replace' button.
  8. Keep clicking the 'Replace' button until you are comfortable enough that you are updating your tags correctly.
  9. Click the 'Replace All' button to update the entire template.
  10. All your tags in your template will be updated with the new value, name or text you want to see.

To return your tags to the typical AutoTag style layout, click the Alt & F9 keys again.


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