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Compare Engine Code


If you are having trouble with your template when running it through your version of a Windward Engine, it can be useful to compare your code to our standard code.


Find the right example

Start by accessing Catapult or navigating to the files directly. Then, open the version based on your data source to view our default test code.


Catapult is installed when you download a Windward Engine as an interface to help you find and use our Working Samples. You can use the code we have provided to tweak your Engine. 

How to navigate to Catapult:

  • Check your desktop for a shortcut to Catapult
  • Check your Windows Startup Menu

Once open, follow the links to open different versions based on language and data source.

Navigate Directly

Navigate directly to the default installation path, then open the version you need based on your data source

  • ~\Documents\Windward Java Engine Samples\Java\BasicCommandLine
  • ~\Documents\Windward DotNet Engine Samples\CS\BasicCommandLine
  • ~\Documents\Windward DotNet Engine Samples\VBNET\BasicCommandLine

Use "Generate Code" Tool in AutoTag

See this article for more info on this nifty AutoTag Tool

  1. Open a working, tagged template inside of Microsoft Office. 
  1. Navigate to the AutoTag Manager tab and click Generate Code.