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At Windward, we exist to make people happy.  If you're not happy, we want to help you find what you're looking for, or help you solve any problems that might come up.  We have LOTS of ways to help you!


Windward Documentation Wiki

This wiki contains helpful articles, samples, demo codes and performance documents.  It is updated frequently with the most current information and new features. You may have noticed that there are new sections of the wiki that have improved documentation, but all of our original articles are still available. Before submitting a ticket, try searching for answers here -- we have hundreds of articles designed to help you, and add more each week.

Searching the Wiki

See our search articles to hone your searches.

How to Use Windward's Help Content

Wiki Advanced Searching


Check the Forum

Check out the forum and see if other users have had a similar issue. Get Involved! Leave a hint or answer for someone else, or start a conversation.


Feature Requests

Do You have an idea for a feature that does not exist in the current version of Windward Reports? Post it in our ideas site and you will get 10 votes to use towards your own ideas or existing ones. The ideas with the most votes will get highest priority in our development cycles.


Download the Latest Versions

You can always download the latest version of our software and engine here.  Windward's development cycle is agile, meaning that in each major version we are adding improvements upon existing improvements in previous versions. You do not need to do a demo download to get the latest version. The links on the demo download page point to exactly the same links as those above.


If a fix was put in a version (such as and then a new release became available (, th the new version would contain all of version fixes as well as any new fixes for version



Beta Release:

A typical release cycle is 1-2 weeks for a version that is posted as beta to become an official release.

These releases are FULL copies of Windward Software. The license key is the only thing that determines which functionality is enabled.


Official Release:


Submit a Support Ticket

Have a question or think you've found a bug? Please enter it at the Windward Support Ticket Center. This will provide you email updates on the status of your question.




1) Any template or data source you are currently experiencing issues with

2) Any log file or stack trace when you received the error

3) What Operating System and service pack are you running?

4) What version of Microsoft Office and service pack are you running?

5) Example of how the output SHOULD look when the report runs correctly.

These answers will save lots of time and speed up your support process.


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