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How AutoTag and the Engines Work with Servers


We frequently get questions on the support desk about how exactly AutoTag and the Engines work, and how they work with servers. 



AutoTag is our Design Tool. It's a plugin for MS Office which cannot actually 'do' any document creation on its own. 


  • AutoTag itself is not multithreaded because it is a design tool
  • You don't need to have AutoTag installed on your server in order for the Engines to create your templates
  • We do not recommend that you install AutoTag on your server because you'd have to install MS Office to be able to use AutoTag
  • When you are in MS Office and click the Output button in the AutoTag tab in the MS Ribbon, you're actually activating a tiny version of the .NET Engine which is embedded for trials. This is totally different than a scenario in which you're using a commercial-version of a Windward Engine to output from a server.
  • When AutoTag renders a document it directly calls the DLLs that constitute the engine part of the code. There's no communication over the network unless it needs to
    • access the datasource in a browser
    • access a browser for an import tag
  • AutoTag does have its own dlls and config files. 

Windward Engines

When you install Windward Engines on a server, you do not need to install MS Office or AutoTag in order to output templates that have already been designed on another machine.

The reporting server is actually just a bunch of DLLs.

  • There's no actual server code running. You may have server code that has our DLLs as part of the code, but our code does not run "as" a server. 
  • Normally you will place DLLs on the same system as your application and call them directly.
  • You can run our .NET and Java Engines on a Linux server (this is not true for the RESTful Engine and Javelin because they require IIS)
    • The end user viewing the report or the person designing the report must use a Windows environment with MS Office installed if the final report is a DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX file



License keys for Engines on servers limit the number of machines that can be using that key at any given time.

License keys for AutoTag on individual machines limit the number of AutoTag instances that can be running at any given time.

For more information on licensing, see: 


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