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Support Tickets - What to Expect

Windward's Support

Your questions are extremely important to you, so they are important to us!

  • Please read through "What our Support Team needs from You" (the first section below) so that you can speed up your resolution time. 
  • If you have other questions, use the Table of contents (to the right -->) to browse common questions and concerns.


What our Support Team needs from You!

If you have submitted a support ticket, we may not be able to begin testing your template until we have more information or a simple version of your template to test. To reduce your resolution time, please make sure your ticket has the following information in the body or the text or as an attachment.

Your License Key (for existing customers)

Your current versions 

A simple, testable template

Follow these instructions to make a template that we can easily test.

  • It is helpful if we are able to open and run the report immediately without having to find and replace tags that link to items not available in our environments.
  • If our support staff have to make many adjustments to your template in order to get the template to run in our environments, we may ask you to review the hints on simplifying templates and ask you to send us another version. 

An error log

You might be asked for a log.  


Enable logging for the Engines:



RESTful - Edit the web.config file (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<sitename>) for logging and enter a valid license key.


Enable logging in AutoTag

We make it easy. Navigate to the Options section of the AutoTag manager Tab in your MS Ribbon. In the Options popup, go to the Advanced tab and click the Open Logging Console button. See this article for more information.

One question per ticket

If your ticket contains more than one issue or question, our support staff will create new tickets for any additional questions. We will make sure to answer all of your questions on the correct ticket.  (See: Why do I have to separate my questions?)



Q: What kind of help is provided by the Windward Support Team?

A: On the support desk, we can provide guidance, reference material, and respond to exceptions in the software. However, designing your template for you, and helping you to write code or queries falls outside the scope of support and requires a separate Professional Services Contract.​ If you would like to arrange a Professional Services contract, let us know and we can put you in touch with your Account Manager.

For a whole lot of detail on this, see our reader-friendly version of your contract.

Q: Why do you need my license key?

A: We provide support to many different kinds of groups. You may be the customer of a customer, or you may be working with a third party solutions contractor. We need to make sure that we align your ticket with the correct parent group, and only you can tell us for sure who you're working with!

Q: Why do you need to know what versions of Windward Products I'm using?

A: The version of the Engine must be equal to or newer than the version of AutoTag you're using. Otherwise, you could design a template with a feature available in AutoTag that an older version of the Engine would not know how to interpret, resulting in an error.

Q: I already communicated some of my troubles to another Windward employee. Why do I have to explain again?

A: Email or phone conversations that you have with other Windward Team members (in the Support Department or other departments) may not have been shared with your assigned Support Desk agent. 

Q: When will my ticket be answered?

A: We do our damnedest to answer tickets in as timely a manner as possible, in the order they are received. Your ticket may be delayed because we are waiting on more information from you, but we will work on your ticket as soon as we can.

Q: How long will it take?

A: That's entirely dependent on the complexity of the template, how much time our support staff has to spend trying to get your template to run in our environment, and whether or not we find something that requires a fix. Some tickets are solved within minutes. If you have a really tricky question that we need to run by a developer, your ticket may be delayed due to the Development Team's schedules. 

Q: How to get I get Updated Keys?

A: In order to use the latest version, you will need to log on to the store and retrieve your updated licenses. The store website is Here is a link with instructions on retrieving your license keys:

If you have forgotten your user name and password, there is a button on the login page that you can click to have the store email your user name and password.

Q: Why am I being asked to separate questions in my ticket(s)?

A: There are two basic reasons, and the bottom line for both is to answer your questions quickly and effectively. 

  • The first is that we can lose track of each request if there are many listed in one ticket; we want to make sure that all of your questions are answered effectively.
  • The second is that it allows us to assign questions to specific developers if needed. If there are many issues in one ticket, the areas in question can be unrelated and need to be addressed by different developers in different departments. Imagine that you had questions that seemed related, but upon inspection, we find that one is related to template layout and another is related to your engine -- your ticket could be in limbo for days after waiting to be addressed by one department, reassigned to Support, reassigned to another department, and back to Support again.