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Version Upgrade Best Practices


This article covers best practices when upgrading your version of AutoTag or the Engine.


Clean Template 

This tool will convert older tags to the newer formats and make any code changes that we have implemented between major versions.Be aware that using the Clean template tool replaces your templates. We recommend that you save copies of your original templates until you are confident that the newly cleaned versions are working as you anticipated. 


Be sure to check the generated output afterward running any of the clean template tools to see if everything is ok. Windward does its very best to maintain backwards compatibility between formats but since there are so many factors that can change in layout and alignment it is best to check the output.  


For example, a change can occur when something we built a workaround for in an earlier version or behaved incorrectly in an earlier version was fixed in a new version. Say all reports were generating output with a margin of plus 2 inches. You would probably have adjusted your template to a margin of -2 inches to account for the error.  When we fix that in the latest version, you would now see your old reports with a -2 inch margin, instead of a perfect margin. This would require a manual change to the template to correct.


Open your templates in AutoTag and run the Clean Template button (or use the batch tool for each engine as described below).


  • If you are upgrading from version 9 or earlier, be sure to check the "Template version 9 or earlier" box.
  • If you are upgrading from version 14 or earlier, you may run the tool (or batch) twice. If you are on version 9 or earlier, run that first. After that, run the tool for versions 14 or earlier (really versions 10-14).


Cleaning templates can also be done programmatically with the Windward Engine by running your report template through the engine WITHOUT a data source and specifying the same document format for the output, IE PROMPT>Runreport.exe template.docx template_new.docx


We have also provided a batch tool that installs with each Engine which allows you to clean a group of templates in order to convert them to a newer version of Windward.  For more information see the following articles:


.NET Engine Clean Template Batch Tool 

Java Engine Clean Template Batch Tool


Differing Versions of AutoTag and the Engine

The version of the Engine you are using must be equal to or greater than the version of AutoTag you are using.  For more information see the knowledge base article Differing versions of AutoTag and the Engine.

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