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Windward Support Services

To reach out with a support question, go to or send an email to


Windward stands by our value to do our damnedest to delight our customers. We offer the following support services to ensure that our customers get the best value from Windward Products. 

What we ask from you:
· Licensee “should” upgrade any time we make a new version available in order to make use of the best features and take advantage of any corrections that have been added.
· We will make reasonable requests for information, personnel, and time from you in order to provide Services. 

· This includes asking you to send us templates that we can test in a reasonable amount of time. If a template takes an unreasonable amount of effort to adjust in order to test it in our environment, we may ask you to send us a simplified version of your template.

· We prefer to separate your questions into separate tickets in order to track and resolve them efficiently. We may ask you to separate your issues, or we may create additional tickets for you.

What you can expect from us:
We will fix errors that exist in our software (provided that the version has not reached End of Life)
We will provide advice and assistance on using our software, including:
· Providing basic information and instruction 
· Providing assistance with general use of software

· This includes troubleshooting query statements that make use of Windward’s out-of-the-box functionality including drag and drop select statements, Wizards, and Functions. 

· Help with optimization of function

· This includes suggesting ways to achieve a result using our software

· Help with installation of software
· Researching problems that are reported by the Licensee (Note: research may reveal problems that are not covered by normal support services.)

Windward is not required to perform Services with respect to the following: 
· Assistance in resolving problems due to Licensee’s modification of the Software 

· We do not help write or troubleshoot your code. This is considered modification of the software.

· We do not help write or troubleshoot written queries or select statements. This is considered modification of the software. (See above: we do support query statements made using Windward Wizards or drag/drop functionality).

· Assistance in resolving software problems other than those associated with our Software, including, but not limited to, problems with the hardware and its operating system, communications and system administration-related problems

· We do not help with correcting errors or other trouble stemming from your data source that cause errors in our software or otherwise affect normal functionality of Windward Products

· Problems encountered as a result of non-Windward product offerings co-resident on the system hub machine
· Assistance in migrating to new releases of other software products
· Assistance in resolving problems due to using the Software in an operating environment not authorized by Windward
· Licensee’s failure to use the Software in accordance with the applicable Documentation
· Licensee’s failure to use error corrections previously provided by Windward

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