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Amazon Redshift

This Data Source is not supported, but we can get it working for a fee.


This article explains how to connect to Amazon Redshift as a data source in AutoTag and the Java/.NET Engines.

AutoTag and .NET Engine


In order for full Redshift support with AutoTag and the .NET engine you will need to install Npgsql 2.2.5 (2.2.5 download link here). Npgsql versions prior to 2.2.5 will not support Redshift, if you get exceptions about monetary/currency column types it means you are using an older non Redshift compatible version. Installation of the Npgsql .NET driver is simple and only requires running the above installer  download, no additional steps are needed.


Java Engine


To use Redshift with the Java Engine you will need to use the PostgreSQL 8.3 JDBC driver (class name: org.postgresql.Driver)  and add the jar to your Java Engine application's class path. The PostgreSQL 8.3 JDBC driver was previously recommended by Amazon for Redshift and you can find download link here.


Important Note - Amazon recently released their own Redshift specific JDBC driver (class name: which is not currently compatible with the Java Engine  as it does not fully implement certain JDBC functionalities that we make use of.


- Full Redshift support is available in Versions 14 and later

- If you are on a version before 14 you can still use the generic ODBC data source option to connect to Redshift from AutoTag, however metadata loading and the SQL Wizard will not be fully functional. The above Java Engine JDBC driver section will work before 14 as well.

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