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Cassandra (ODBC)

This Data Source is not supported.  Code was removed in version 16.


Windward utilizes the DataStax ODBC driver to connect to Cassandra databases (download here). 


Want to upgrade to version 13? Head to our downloads page.

Setting up the data source store

The Cassandra ODBC driver requires that you create a data source store on the current machine for each database which you will connect to. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator
    • Start -> all programs -> DataStax Cassandra ODBC Driver 0.5 (64-bit) -> 64-bit ODBC Administrator
    • Note: this is just a shortcut to the windows ODBC administrator, which can also be reached through the control panel.
  2. Under the "System DSN" tab click the "Add..." button. 
  3. Then select the "DataStax Cassandra ODBC Driver" from the list, and click finish.
  4. This will open the setup window.  
  5. Specify a data source name, server, port, and catalog.
  6. Verify that the connection is good with the "Test..." button, and select "OK"


Connecting to your data source

In the Datasource Connector window in AutoTag, select the "Odbc Database" from the dropdown. This will populate the rest of the form with ODBC-specific fields. 

The Provider dropdown should be set to "DataStax Cassandra ODBC Driver". Under Server, you should see the data source which you had previously set up with the ODBC Data Source Administrator. You should leave the Database form blank.



  • The JDBC driver for Cassandra does not support forEach tags with a step larger than 1.
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