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Excel Data Source and AutoTag: Removing Empty Rows

Excel is no longer supported as a data source. Please contact support for assistance.


When using Excel documents as a data source, it will sometimes return entire rows of empty data at the end of a table.  This is sometimes caused by clearing rows from the Excel file.


There are two ways to remove those empty rows:

1)  Delete the empty rows in the Excel file

    a)  Open the Excel file. 

    b)  Select the empty rows below the data.  Note: the number of rows you select need to be at least as many as you are getting in AutoTag


    c)  Right click and select 'Delete'.


    d)  Select 'Shift cells up' and click 'Ok'.



2)  The other method is to modify the select such that only rows containing blank values are not returned.  This requires some knowledge of SQL.  Append text similar to the following select: WHERE [table1$].field1 <> ""

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