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Simple Editor for Office Chart Tags


(See Also: Charting Overview)

(Note: Removed in version

Starting in version 11.1, there is a simple editor for Office chart tags. Its purpose is to make creating the tag easier. The classic editor can be used via the Advanced button. Only the classic editor can be used for classic chart tags. 


To create a chart tag with the simple editor:

  1. Insert a new ChartTag.
  2. Click Select Chart Data.
  3. Drag and drop the desired data into the chart.
  4. Save the tag.
  5. Format the tag using Word.

Example Walkthrough

1. Insert a new ChartTag.


2. Click Select Chart Data.


3. Drag and drop the Series field.


4. Drag and drop the X axis field.



5. Drag and drop the Y axis field.



6. Click save.



Changing Chart Types

To change the chart type, right-clicking the series.



Multiple Series Fields

Multiple series fields can be added. The chart type is controlled separately for each one.

To remove a series field, right-click it and select Delete.

Secondary Axis

To plot data on a secondary axis, use the right Y Axis drop-zone. (For bar charts, this will be the top Y Axis drop-zone.)

Bar Graphs

For horizontal bar charts, drop the X Axis field on the left drop-zone, and drop the Y Axis field on the bottom drop-zone.

Formatting the Chart

The chart is formatted the same way normal Office charts are formatted. 

Advanced Data

Use the advanced editor for more complex data scenarios. See Chart Tag reference for more information.

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