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Get Started with the Java Engine




This Get Started guide gives you the basic information you need to quickly set up and test the Windward Java Engine.



How the Windward Java Engine Works

The Windward solution takes two input streams, the template and the data, and creates an output stream – the final report — as illustrated below.





*The JAI Image library is not actually required for the Engine to run, however for older versions of Java (1.5 or less) it provides a substantial performance improvement.  For newer versions of Java it is not necessary, as most of it has been moved into the standard Java library.


Installing and Testing the Windward Java Engine

Step 1: Installation

For detailed instructions, see the Java Installation page.



  1. Go to
  2. Click the link “Java Engine Installer – (EXE – Windows only)”. The installer is also available as a zip file if desired.
  3. Save the file.



  1. Once the download is complete, click Run. Follow the steps of the Installation Wizard. You may enter the license key during the installation or after (as instructed in Step 2).

Step 2: Entering Your License Key

Copy and paste your license key into the file. This file is found in the directory where you installed the Windward Java Engine.

As with all entries in the properties file, use the standard name=value format.

Example (This is not a valid Key)






Make sure you place a \ at the end of each line except the last of the license file. The \ tells java to continue the property to the next line. The \ must be the last character of the line; there cannot be a space after it.

Step 3: Testing

The Java Engine "test" folder contains a test template and data source to verify that your installation is working correctly. If the report file is created, then Windward Reports is installed and running.

For Windows:

  • Execute the run.bat file to test your installation. (Default C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Windward Java Engine Test\)

For Non-Windows:

  • In the test folder, run this command:

    java net.windward.xmlreport.RunReport InternetMarketingReport.docx testreport.pdf -xml:INTMARKETING InternetMarketingData.xml

What's Next

You have now verified your Java Engine installation. You have a few choices for how to proceed from here:

1.   Look through the sample projects. A wide variety are installed with the Engine. Open the installed Catapult help software to get you started.

2.   Wondering what the code needed to integrate the Engine looks like? Start with the Basic Programming Example.

3.   Looking for more direction with example projects? Look at the Examples Section of the User Guide.

4.   Just need to see the code?  Check out the Java Engine API.

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