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Javelin Admin Tab


In the Admin tab and pages, you can add or modify users and user roles (see linked articles for details). You can also configure email settings and POD directories (see details below).



Users Tab

View, add, or edit users in this tab. Your options will depend on whether you are using Active Directory or Javelin's User and Group Management System. See this article for more on users.



Config Tab

In this screen you can

  • Set up default directories for uploads
    • The user can configure the storage locations for the template and POD files by specifying the Uploads Directory location and for the generated reports by specifying the Reports Directory location.
  • Configure email for emailing reports
    • The Email Configuration setting allows the user to specify their Host and From Address settings for emails sent through Javelin. This will be used for the email report feature when running and scheduling reports, and also for the Forgot Password functionality.

      Note: Since this is an optional configuration, users who need the above features must set up their email client configuration under Admin>Configuration.

  • Enable Active Directory


Groups Tab

Groups are collections of Javelin Users. You can use groups to assign bulk permissions for folders or individual files.

  • Groups can be added, edited, or deleted in this tab.
  • Users can belong to multiple Groups, and Groups can belong to other Groups. 


To create a new Group, click the Add Group button and fill out the fields as shown below.

  • To add members, type a name or characters in the search field.
  • Make sure to check the box next to any user that you want to add to the Group.
  • Permissions are set when you upload or edit a File or Folder. See Javelin Permissions for more.