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Generate Reports in Javelin


A report can be run by clicking the Run button on the Templates page. When running the report, the user must select the output format, variables and email options to deliver the report. The data sources must be accessible for a report to run successfully.  The user must ensure that the data sources are available for the data to be accessible.


Note: Javelin will run the report successfully, even if the data source is not available. If the datasource is not accessible, the report will not contain expected data.




Output Format


User can select from an output format that is compatible with the template type.

Template format

Report formats








For a detailed listing of all supported types please refer to this article




Some templates require a variable value to be entered when running a report. The user needs to ensure they are entering variable values of the respective type:

  • text
  • integer
  • datetime
  • currency
  • select variable

The example below shows a variable entry for a SupplierID, which requires an integer value.  Note: There is currently no validation on the variable values entered, and the users need to enter valid values.





When running a report, users can choose to send the generated report to an email address. User has the option of adding subject and body fields.(See previous image). 

Note: To use this feature, email settings must be configured under Admin->Configuration.


The image below shows the email generated from the (above) generated report.



Running a Report

Reports can be run from the Templates page as a single report by selecting the Run icon next to it or in bulk by selecting multiple reports (using checkboxes on the left) and clicking the Bulk Run button on top of the page.


The Run Report dialog has options to select the output type per template or bulk select them from the buttons on top of the dialog.


When the reports are run, the status of each report is indicated beside the respective template. If it succeeded, a Download button shown. If the report fails to run a Failed button544d.png is displayed. The user can obtain more information on the failure by clicking the button for details.



When reports are generated, they will also be made available on the Reports page. If while running the report the dialog is closed, the report will still run in the background and can be accessed on the reports page.


On the report page, the user will have the option to download the report, view status or delete it.  


Note: When templates with local datasources (which are not accessible by Javelin or Import Tags) are used in the template, the report will appear to succeed but the expected data may be missing in the report. We do not currently support template with MSDynamics as the datasource.