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Javelin PODs


POD files are available on the PODs page under the Home tab. A POD file can be referenced by one or more templates. PODs can be used by multiple templates as reusable items when they are inserted as framed Doclet items by associating them with their internal ID (GUID). PODs can be organized under folders similar to templates under the PODs tab.


Upload POD Files

POD files can be uploaded using the Upload button on PODs page (located above the PODs table). The POD files must have the extension .rdlx. Users will be prevented from uploading any file that doesn’t match the .rdlx extension.


If a POD is uploaded successfully, it will be displayed under the PODs tab in alphabetical order (see image below). This will allow the user to download the POD file by clicking on the name, view POD details, or delete the POD either by clicking the Recycle icon or by selecting the check box and clicking the delete button that appears next to the upload button. 


A POD  file can be downloaded by clicking on the file name.



Note: A POD file with a local reference will show a warning on upload as the report from a template using this POD will not have access to the local information. 

POD File (POD Details)

The details of a POD file can be viewed on the POD Details dialog. The templates using a POD are shown on the POD Detail dialog on Overview tab. The Overview page shows the path and name strings, along with the number of data sources, variables, and doclets in a POD. A POD file can contain one or more PODs, which can be of following three different types:

  • Datasource POD
  • Variable POD
  • Doclet POD


Datasource POD

Datasource PODs have one or more datasources. The Datasources tab under the POD Details gives information about the datasource PODs contained within the POD file, including Name, Type and Connection String.



Variable POD

Variable PODs contain one or more variables. The Variables tab lists the variable PODs and their information, including Name, Type, Default Value and Required (Req’d).



Doclet POD

Doclet PODs contain a range of content from a Word document, which may include text, tables, images, tags, etc. The Doclets tab lists the Doclet PODs that are within the POD file.  The Doclets tab provides the name of the doclet as well as the datasources and variables that it depends on.


Templates containing PODs

The Used in Templates box, under the Overview tab, lists the templates that have at least one framed doclet POD from the given POD file. A framed doclet POD is a doclet POD that is inserted into the template document inside of a bookmark that has a unique identifier (GUID) using AutoTag. Only framed doclets can be automatically identified within the document.

Note: If framing is not used, the content of the doclet will not be identified within the document.