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Javelin Templates


A template is the basic file needed for a report to run. A template can contain datasource references, variables and PODs.The templates page displays a list of templates uploaded into Javelin in alphabetical order, and is paginated by fifty rows at a time.

Upload Templates

Templates can be uploaded by clicking on the upload button (just above the template table) and selecting the file path using the browse folders button.

Template files can only be of the following formats - .docx, .xslx. and .pptx. Uploading any other types of files will result in an error.




Users are prevented from using invalid file names and will be notified when attempted to do so.


If a template is uploaded successfully it will be displayed in the templates view. If there are any issues uploading the template the user will be notified that the upload has failed. 


Successfully uploaded templates will provide users the option to run a report, schedule a report, view template details, download or delete the template (buttons for these actions are located above the template table, and within the table under Actions on the right).

  • A template can be downloaded by clicking on the file name.
  • Templates can be deleted by clicking the recycle icon. Deleting a template will also delete the schedule associated with the template.
  • The UI also provides the capability of doing these actions in bulk selection.


Template Details

Template details can be accessed by clicking on the information icon on the templates page.

Overview tab

Under the Template Details view, the Overview tab shows the template name, created date, owner, last modified date, modified by, and the list of PODs used in the template. 

Datasources tab

The Datasources tab shows the data sources referenced by this template including the name type of data source and connection string. 

Note: Javelin will run the report successfully, even if a data source is not available. If the datasource is not accessible, the report will not contain expected data. When templates with local datasources that are not accessible by Javelin or import tags are used in the template, the report will appear to succeed but the expected data may be missing in the report.

We do not currently support template with MSDynamics as the data source.

Variables tab

The Variables tab shows the variable, variable type and default value required to run a report. Variables can be of three types – integer, text or select variable. 



Bulk Actions

When you select one or more template, the following buttons will appear to allow the user to make changes to multiple files at once.