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Javelin Limitations

Following are some of the application’s limitations and what may be considered restricted capabilities in the current version of Javelin.


  1. The application is not supported to run on Mozilla Firefox.
  2. On Template page and PODs pages, the folders cannot me renamed or moved.
  3. The email address of a user cannot be modified once an account has been created. 
  4. Users, once created, cannot be completely deleted from the system. They can only be deactivated.
  5. There are 2 user Roles. Configurable roles are not supported.
  6. Dynamic variable value selection is not supported.  While default variable values are propagated, selecting a new value must be entered manually.
  7. Content visibility is based on roles, however there is no filtering of content. In other words, if a user has access to a page or feature he/she will have access to all content on the page.
  8. There is no automatic email notification sent to the user upon account creation. The administrator is responsible for providing the login information to newly created users.