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Javelin Report Schedules


Reports can be scheduled on the Templates Tab by providing start and end dates, recurrence, output type and email options.

The Scheduler tab simply shows all the schedules created in Javelin with the most recently created ones on top.

Creating a Schedule

Reports can be scheduled by navigating to the Home>Templates tab and clicking the clock icon.

This will bring up a new window. When a schedule is created it will be pre-populated with a default name as the template name suffixed with ‘Schedule’. Users can change the default schedule name.


Bulk Scheduling

Schedules can also be created in bulk by selecting more than one template on the Templates page and clicking on the Schedule button above the table (new buttons appear when a template is selected with the checkbox. The schedules will be shown on the Scheduler page as one schedule per template. A schedule may also be modified or deleted on the Scheduler page.


The Scheduler Window

The scheduler needs the following details to create a schedule:

  • Start and End Dates
  • Frequency
  • Email
  • Advanced options


Start and End Dates

A schedule needs to specify a start date, start time and an optional end date. The end date field can be left empty if the schedule has no end date.



The frequency of the report can be Daily, Weekly or Monthly.  The daily option can be set to every day or every weekday. The weekly options can be set to recur on certain days of the week.  The monthly option can be set to a certain calendar day of the month (such as 10th day of every month) or to a specific instance of day of week of every month (such as first Monday of every month).




Schedules can be configured to send the reports being generated via email. The user should enter the email address and can fill in the subject and body fields.


Advanced Options

The Cron setting will be hidden by default and will need to be turned on under Configuration settings.


Note: Cron settings are currently unavailable and will be available in a later release. Windward will not provide support for Cron configuration or problems that may arise from using it.


Modifying a Schedule

The Scheduler page shows all the schedules created in Javelin with the most recently created ones on top. Users can modify or delete schedules based on their role, user permissions, or group permissions.